CRAFT is a visionary studio of structural engineering whose uniquely talented team members are passionate about the pursuit of structural engineering and its positive impacts on architecture. Each member of CRAFT is trained in Architecture which allows us, as structural engineers, to more effectively communicate and collaborate with Architects and Artists as clients. At CRAFT, we understand the necessity for being open minded and creative thinkers, which ultimately leads to imaginative problem solving and innovative solutions in structural design. CRAFT caters to the architect who challenges traditional notions of engineering design and construction practices and seeks a new approach to project delivery.

Nathaniel Stanton
Nathaniel Stanton PE CE SE is the Principal and Founder of CRAFT | Engineering Studio. He is a licensed Structural Engineer with 20 years of experience who holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Structural Engineering as well as work towards a PhD in the combination of these fields within the framework of digital form development. Nathaniel received his education at the University of Michigan, the Swiss Federal Technological Institute (ETH) in Zurich and the University of New Hampshire. In addition to practice, he has lectured at Columbia University, Harvard University, the University of Michigan, the Pratt Institute and the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Prior to launching CRAFT | Engineering Studio, Nathaniel founded and ran the Special Projects Group at Buro Happold Consulting Structural Engineers in New York. In this capacity, he worked on many prominent projects with geometrical, analytical or material complexity including the World Trade Center Visitor Orientation Center Atrium with Snohetta, the New Amsterdam Pavilion in Manhattan with UNStudio and the Phoenix Civic Space Sculpture “Her Secret is Patience” with the artist Janet Echelman.


Michael Licht
Senior Technical Designer
Michael Licht is a Senior Technical Designer at CRAFT | Engineering Studio who holds a Master’s of Architecture degree from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and is an Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects.  Michael has a special interest combining visualization, modelling and computation to inform the expression of exposed structures, as well as using iterative processes with analytical output to optimize the performance of his designs. Prior to joining CRAFT, Michael split time working as a Designer at Smith Miller Hawkinson Architects and as a Technical Designer with the Structures group at Buro Happold in Manhattan.  In addition to practice, Michael has taught at the Pratt Institute as an Architectural Studio Instructor.


Alexander Bernstein
Senior Project Engineer
Alexander Bernstein is a Senior Project Engineer at CRAFT | Engineering Studio. Alex is a licensed Professional Engineer who has worked in a variety of engineering disciplines in both design and construction, earning his Professional Engineering license in 2015. His education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Engineering from the Product Architecture and Engineering program at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Alex has a passion for the integration of product design and structural engineering to challenge traditional practice and explore non-standard materials and analysis methods in the design of structures. Prior to joining CRAFT, Alex was a member of the Analytics group at Buro Happold in Manhattan.


Eleni Maglari
Project Engineer
Eleni Maglari is a Project Engineer at CRAFT | Engineering Studio. Eleni has experience in the structural design and analysis of new and the refurbishment of existing residential and commercial projects. She holds a Master of Science degree in Civil (Structural) Engineering and Architecture from University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art, achieving an Engineering Excellence award in each year of study. Eleni completed her dissertation on the Computational Homogenisation of Composite Materials, using Finite Element Analysis to understand the local behavior of woven fibers within a composite matrix. She is especially interested in the fusing of her backgrounds in architecture and engineering within the context of structural engineering consulting.


Marquis Williams
Project Engineer
Marquis Williams is a Project Engineer at CRAFT | Engineering Studio. He holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Hartford. He has held several leadership roles in Engineering Associations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Society of Black Engineers. Marquis also brings prior hands-on multidisciplinary experience in drafting, model building, and construction management. Marquis believes that solutions to contemporary needs are interdisciplinary, best forged in a collaborative effort between architects, engineers, and builders.



CRAFT was founded in the Spring of 2010 by Nathaniel Stanton to more effectively address the desire among architects for an engineering consultant that is progressive and forward thinking but operates on a scale that engenders creativity and collaboration between disciplines. This pursuit builds on 20 years of experience in non-standard structural engineering consulting for projects with geometrical, analytical and material complexity. Most recently, Mr. Stanton led the Special Projects group within the New York office of Buro Happold Consulting Engineers. In addition to practice, Mr. Stanton has lectured at the University of Michigan, the Product Architecture Lab within the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Steven’s Institute of Technology and the Graduate Architecture Program at the Pratt Institute.



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