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CRAFT receives an Honorable Mention by Architect’s Newspaper

By Seema Bajaria · July 7, 2021

The Hive, by artists Elmgreen & Dragset, located in the Moynihan Station, New York City

We are thrilled to have received Honorable Mention in Architect’s Newspaper first-ever Best of Practice awards. The award criteria called for firms that embody “an expansive meaning of excellence [taking] into account inclusivity, social impact, sustainability, regionality, and technological innovation.” A diverse panel of judges awarded winners and honorable mentions across North America.

Launched over a decade ago, CRAFT continues to take pride in projects that transcend traditional alliances. We draw on relationships between materials and their environment to highlight the possibilities of merging art and architecture with engineering. With members around the globe, we actively draw upon experience and excellence from various corners of the world to inform as well as solidify our global reach and impact and surpass regional limitations.

The Prow, designed by Parallel Development and ESI Design in Hudson Yards, New York City

Our firm’s enhanced technical expertise brings unprecedented possibilities to imagined art and architecture, allowing clients to bring novel ideas to fruition. By integrating the latest software and modeling packages into our process, we offer unparalleled insight into structural analysis of both conventional and atypical designs. While skilled in modeling whole assemblies, our unique mastery in including analytical iterations of component parts during the process of design answers any technical challenge with an informed and robust final product.

Zephyr, by artist Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY in Lubbock, TX

Analytical image of a cast-in-place concrete structure for a high-rise, multi-use building in Albany, The Bahamas

Basing our structural engineering practice in dynamic collaboration with architects and artists is key to achieving unique possibilities in form and function. We strive to incorporate engineering innovation (via materials, methods, and technology) in parallel with the design process. Whether influencing interaction within, enhancing the movement around, or evoking pure appreciation as a standalone piece, our belief is that the language of engineering is best portrayed with careful consideration of individual and collective aspirations. While structural engineering has classically assumed a supportive role in design, allowing its practice to be an integral part of the language enhances both the experience and the possibilities.

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