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An Evolutionary Solution for an Evolutionary Problem

By Marquis Williams · January 17, 2020

Figure 1: Fundamentos Líquidos (Liquid Foundations), 2018, bricks, wood, queen conch shell, 120 x 200 x 100 cm The artist Stefania Strouza engaged CRAFT to assist in actualizing the concept for her piece Fundamentos Líquidos (Liquid Foundations). Fundamentos Líquidos is a sculpture which speaks to the relationship between the infrastructure of Mexico City and the history of its ground water. As the city population grows, […]

Project Focus

Polycentric Pavilion

By Michael Licht · June 3, 2019

The Architecture and Art Invitational, Design After Design, at the XXIst Triennale di Milano International Exhibition (2016) challenged designers to build full scale installations re-contextualizing established architectural terms in exciting new ways. Polycentric Pavilion was conceived by New York firm nARCHITECTS and built in conjunction with CRAFT | Engineering Studio and Extravega Fabrication Milano. The […]

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Post-tensioned Concrete at Further Lane

By Michael Licht · March 29, 2016

East Hampton, New York For a private residence in the Hamptons, the design of this signature lap pool is both a feat of imagination and engineering. The pool, designed by Selldorf Architects, clear spans 75 feet across the ocean-view veranda, with a transparent acrylic bottom. Carrying 24,000 gallons of water, the structure of the span needed […]