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10N Residence

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10N Residence


This single-family Nantucket residential compound showcases a variety of unique engineering feats. Comprised of three buildings, the primary goal was to preserve the existing two-story traditional Nantucket home as the main building. This building was transported across the street and set up on a new foundation. Steel gabled portal frames were inserted through slots cut strategically through the roof. By stiffening the walls and integrating the portal frames, lateral stability for the building was reconstituted, allowing for the second floor framing to be removed and the building to achieve a vast open volume on the interior.

A bridge connects this original building to the central building in which a signature staircase was designed to be cantilevered from a two-story board-formed concrete feature wall. On the other side of this two-story staircase were two sets of glass guardrails supported by the ground floor. Integrating the staircases into a board-formed wall required careful iteration in design and assembly aided by in-house rapid prototyping and finite elemental analysis.

The last structure contained a poolhouse, with a fully retractable accordion glass wall, allowing full and immediate access to the infinity pool.

(Image Credit: Donna Dotan Photography)

Architect: Workshop/APD