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Ballroom Marfa Drive-In

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Ballroom Marfa Drive-In 

Marfa, Texas 

The Ballroom Marfa Drive-In is a new cultural complex for Marfa, Texas. Marfa is known as a very progressive, artistic community in Texas that features public works and displays from numerous architects and artists. This project is intended to celebrate this artistic spirit and promote a sense of community within the town by creating a destination for late-night movie viewing. The signature piece of the complex is the drive-in movie screen which is a towering three-dimensional form constructed from varying thicknesses of steel plate material. The form was influenced by both geometric requirements and structural necessity. The tapered top section of the form evolves into a doubly curved base as it nears the ground, a direct design response to loading stresses generated from wind. Additionally, there are a series of structures surrounding the viewing area that offer services, including ticket sales, concession stands and restrooms. 

(Image Credit: MOS)