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Ballroom Marfa Drive-In

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Marfa, Texas

The Ballroom Marfa project is a new cultural complex for Marfa, Texas.  Marfa is known as a very progressive, artistic community in Texas that features works and displays from numerous architects and artists.  The drive-in project is intended to celebrate this artistic spirit and promote a sense of community within the town by creating a destination for late night movie viewing.  The signature piece of the complex is the drive-in movie screen which is a towering three dimensional form constructed from varying thickness of steel plate material.  The form was influenced by both geometric requirements as well as structural necessity.  The tapered top section of the form evolves into a doubly curved base as it nears the ground in direct response to stresses generated from loading from wind.  Additionally, there are a series of structures surrounding the viewing area which offer services from ticket and concession sales to restrooms.

(Image Credit: MOS)