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Bridge House

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Bridge House

Bridgehampton, New York

The Bridge House is predominantly a steel framed superstructure due to its very unique structural requirements. The main volumes of the building assembly are a series of rectangular elements that are stacked such that they form a bridge element at the second floor with associated green roof decks. The bridge element is complicated by the fact that it is doubly cantilevered at one end, which required a series of braced bays hidden in interior walls. Additionally, the end of one of the ground floor volumes terminates in a glass enclosed living room with minimal vertical structural elements. To accomplish this, the roof diaphragm cantilevers laterally out of the main volume of the building to resist wind forces and minimize deflections. This project in particular showcased the capacity of a Building Information Model integrated into the design process to efficiently and effectively assist the process of bidding and construction.

(Image Credit: Magda Biernat Photography)

Architect:  A+I