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BSF Stair

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BSF Stair

New York, New York

The signature staircase for the law firm of Boies Schiller Flexner is located between the 18th and 20th floors of the 55 Hudson Yards building in Manhattan. The design of the stair is intended to create a visually dynamic link between levels within the open office floor plan. The design of the structure of the stairs depended on a close collaboration with fabricator Caliper Studio. Twisted structural steel stringers were fabricated to act integrally with the tread and riser supports to allow for an unsupported curving span that gracefully cantilevers from each floor structure. The design of the stair considered the perceptibility of motion and vibration on individuals located at various points along the stair as well as the effects of differential building motion at floor levels associated with lateral loading on the building.

(Image Credit: Matthew Carbone, Eric Laignel, David Sundberg)

Architect: Schiller Projects