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Cobble Hill Townhouse

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Cobble Hill Townhouse

Brooklyn, New York

This Cobble Hill Townhouse is a subtle yet bold re-imagining of the traditional Brooklyn Townhouse. The street side façade of the five-story residence retains all the characteristic charm of its neighbors with it’s protruding main staircase leading to the front entrance and solid massing in horizontal lines of stone masonry. Subtle shifts in window locations and openings, however, reveal the freedom afforded to the façade by the steel framed structure beneath. The constraints of traditional masonry construction with stacked punched openings creating a grid of horizontal and vertical bands of solid masonry are loosened enough to suggest a new paradigm. The rear façade of the building ignores subtlety and completely transforms the relationship between the building and its rear yard. A full-height steel moment frame allows for floor-to-ceiling glazing which creates a direct visual connection between interior and the private exterior rear yard.

(Image Credit: Donna Dotan Photography)

Architect: Workshop/APD