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Oshkosh Toy Store

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Oshkosh Toy Store

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

The Oshkosh Toy Store project was a conceptual exploration of a stand-alone toy store and children’s activity center. The idea from Gridwerk was to create a fun, interactive environment for children and adults that supported both play and learning alongside a retail toy store. The challenge then became to extend this idea into the building. The solution followed through both architecturally and structurally. The building became a series of stepped spaces in succession, occupying the space within a sheltered sunken courtyard. The structure was thought of as story high perimeter trusses whose diagonal members continued to the ground to provide bearing. The truss members were designed as composite members made from steel plate and timber on the interior. The structural design and material choice were intended to emphasize the idea of interaction and fun while providing an opportunity for learning and understanding. 

(Image Credit: Gridwerk)