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Pancu Residence

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Pancu Residence

Hoboken, New Jersey

The Pancu Residence project was a combination of two independent, stacked condominium units. The primary structural component of the project was the introduction of a signature staircase joining the two units internally. The design of the staircase became an exploration into the use of Polymer Matrix Composites in residential construction in a structural application. Composites were chosen for the stair treads in order to accomplish both the structural and formal requirements of the design. The composites’ treads were fabricated as tapered hollow structural units cantilevered from a steel pipe stringer that was in turn cantilevered from a reinforced structural wall. The formal expression of the treads displayed the structural form of a cantilever superimposed onto the geometrical form necessary to transition from the flat tread to the sloping stringer.

(Image Credit: Nastasi Architects)

Architect: Nastasi Architects