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Westchester Views

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Westchester Views

North Castle, New York

This Westchester County residence is a single-family compound located on an inclined site in North Castle, New York.  From the driveway entry, the residence is a modern assembly of gabled building forms that step down the slope towards an exterior private pool deck area at the rear. Ironically, while solid walls and small punched openings suggest privacy, the rear-facing pool deck is exactly the opposite. Spacious window walls and open-ended, double-height, gabled volumes draw a striking connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. To allow this open volume, steel portal frames cantilever out of the basement level at the pool deck and are laterally stiffened through steel ties, anchoring the structure back to the solid building forms of the entry. An interior staircase relies on a full-height steel guardrail stringer that spans the length of the stair run and supports its open wood treads. Finally, the main garage is located on the upper floor level above a walkout basement and pool equipment room. These spaces are made distinct via a unique structural system comprised of a cast-in-place concrete slab set into permanent fiberglass formwork that is impervious to chemical- or moisture-induced degradation.

(Image Credit: Read McKendree/JBSA)

Architect: Workshop/APD