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CRAFT awarded Honorable Mention for Excellence in Practice

CRAFT recognized by Architect’s Newspaper for the second year in a row.

2019 Year End Newsletter

A look back on CRAFT’s 2019.

Structural Patterning and SMO Research

In response to interest in structural surface design for novel forms, CRAFT has been researching a two-pronged approach to its structural surface design—Section Modulus Optimization and Stress Patterning.

Inhabitable Skin

The Inhabitable Skin is an innovative exploration of materials and manufacturing processes that results in a three dimensional form that exists as an independent monocoque structural assembly. The formal expression of the skin is driven by the necessity of structure, environment and context, but ultimately it bends to the will of the designer who is […]

The Dynamic Intersection of Structural Engineering and Architecture

Structural engineering is transforming. The structural engineer of this century will be very different from that of the last century. Maybe not all of the structural engineering community, but at least a very exciting subset. The practice of engineering has traditionally been slow to adapt to new technologies and new ideas, but in order to […]