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The Hive

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The Hive

New York, NY

The Hive is an installation by artists Elmgreen & Dragset designed as part of the reconstituted James A. Farley Post Office in Manhattan. Located in the entry hall of the new Penn Station terminal building, the illuminated installation captures the “city’s irresistible urban energy” via an imaginary global metropolis hanging upside-down from the ceiling. Ninety-one unique aluminum and stainless-steel building structures, representative of signature buildings from cities around the world, cantilever downward from a mirror polished urban grid. Seismically, the individual buildings act as pendulums within the entry hall connected directly to the terminal building’s structure which itself acts as a pendulum cantilevered out of the ground plane above the train tunnels below. The complex interplay of movements between the various components of the miniature and full-scale buildings became a key component of the structural investigation.

(Image Credit: Nicholas Knight, courtesy Empire State Development and Public Art Fund, NY)

Artist: Elmgreen & Dragset